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$3,701.07 raised by 4 people
This past June, we opened a food pantry at the Shelter Church in Cut
N Shoot. The very first month, we served 100 needy families. The next
month, we added an additional 100 families and now here at the end of
September, our numbers have grown to where we are actually serving
over 800 individuals per month. From our learned experience, we
expect to see these numbers continue to grow. The needs are enormous
here in East Country but we are working toward filling some of those
Much more is going on here other than feeding bellies. Relationships
are being made on both sides of the table. Hearts are being touched,
individuals are receiving comforting prayers. The people are being
met with smiles and acceptance, they are tasting and seeing God's
light in our efforts and He is backing us up with His mighty power -
One week a ladies eye was healed, and on another week God opened a
lady's ears while we prayed for her knees. People are coming back
telling about receiving relief even after returning home and their
stories just keep getting better.