Andrew Ponder - Freedom House Director



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Andrew Ponder – husband and father, wife –Carissa, son – Aidan, and daughter to be – Alaina. When Introduced to fresh start and Conroe House of Prayer, the presence of God and evidence of His work being done through Compassion United was so powerful and evident that I was compelled to pour everything I had into Compassion United and committed to seeing what God wants me to do here
I do stuff* with Freedom house.. worked with Fresh start as an intern as I studied to get my certificate in human services at lone star college. There I began focusing on case working with each resident, teaching a core skills class, and supplementing services provided by their mentors. 6 months later asked to direct freedom house and do more stuff* focusing on improving the structure of the program, enforcing the created handbook from the founders of Freedom house, and directing residents participation with Fresh Start and compassion united contribution activities( CHOP, food pantry, shelter, breakfast at park, etc..)