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Gifts to this fund are for general operations, expanding our networks, and furthering the mission.
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While finishing seminary in the late 1990s, Aaron was blessed to be leading a growing & vibrant youth ministry at a church, while at the same time, he and Marqu...
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Cami Lee is no stranger to being in ministry—you could say she was born into it. Her parents have been traveling evangelists for over 40 years and Cami starte...
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Christian leaders are often on the strategic edge of what God is doing in the world. However, their personal desires are frequently overlooked if not ignored beyond their most basic physical needs.

Exago’s purpose is fulfilled as it pours it’s energies into helping Christian ministry leaders “survive and thrive.” Though our staff is often sought out to be involved with the training of leaders in ministry praxis, we believe that caring for needs is a crucial first step.

Our mission is achieved through offering:

Individual ministry leader coaching
Consulting/Teaching for local churches and higher educational institutions
National Network of Youth Ministries (nnym.org)
Member Care for Missionaries serving abroad

We passionately serve leaders/ministries that are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We seek to come alongside leaders to offer encouragement, while helping them seek refreshment in their personal spiritual walk. Though what their “hands” are doing for Jesus is important…their “head” and their “heart” need to be cared for and encouraged as well.

Our strategy involves a “tool bag” approach, as different leaders and ministries will have unique struggles that often center around challenges that come from:

Working with a team
Personal failures
Spiritual attack
Cultural hurdles
…and more

Our communication forms include; networking, the classroom, online interactions, and personal visits when possible/appropriate. Meanwhile, our combined staff has been involved in higher education at 3 different Christian colleges/universities, and has already informally served missionaries in different mission organizations embedded within Macedonia, Mexico, Haiti, South Africa… and this list is only growing.



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