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While finishing seminary in the late 1990s, Aaron was blessed to be leading a growing & vibrant youth ministry at a church, while at the same time, he and Marque were starting their family.

Seeing students' lives changing to the point of impacting their peers…who would then accept Christ, and begin to impact their peers and continue the cycle…brought about a great deal of healthy spiritual and numerical growth. It was an amazing time of life change for many.

However, a key problem took root: the church Aaron was on staff with wasn't prepared for how an authentic disciple-making ministry dramatically changed things. Many loved it, but many others had different priorities and vocally discouraged what was happening when behind closed doors. Eventually, things got messy, and the Babyar's were forced to reconsider their calling. Aaron even wondered if he should quit ministry altogether because of the various discouragements.

By God’s grace, an outside “voice in the wilderness (so to speak)" called Aaron up and took him to lunch while in the midst of that troubling time. He spoke volumes of truth and reaffirmed the Babyar’s leadership, role in ministry, and long-term calling for building the kingdom of God. This was a paramount moment! Ultimately, the Babyar’s remained in full-time ministry

Years later, after witnessing or hearing about many other gifted leaders getting burned out, ran out, or kicked out of ministry, Aaron felt God’s nudge towards personally doing something about it. He remembered how the friend had ministered to him in a critical time, and knew there needed to be more of that happening for other ministry leaders.

Aaron began researching common elements that led to leaders quitting ministry (vocationally or volunteer) and began to see some patterns that could be addressed. He started to get a fresh vision for ministry, and a renewed sense of calling. Many who knew him affirmed this calling, and in 2006 Exago was born.

All staff salary and benefits are set by a Board of Directors, which also oversees the general mission and vision of the ministry.

As missionaries, the Babyar’s need to receive the majority of their basic funds for food/gas/mortgage/etc. from the financial investments of other individuals and families.