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Meals4Hunger is working diligently to keep the issue of hunger top of mind in San Diego County. Meals4Hunger, founded by Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul is a 501©(3) public charity. With each established community organization and/or business partnership, Meals4Hunger moves one step closer to achieving the goal of eliminating hunger first in San Diego and then nationwide.In San Diego County there are approximately 3.1 million residents and 483,000 of them are known to live at or near the national poverty level. * (U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2008.Compiled by SANDAG, January 2010.)

Meals4Hunger’s 3-Tier Approach to Hunger Eradication:

1. Educate the community about nutrition and the disease of obesity;
2. To build partnerships with local businesses so that business owners are reinvesting in the community in which they are located;
3. To sponsor annual events providing nutritious meals for those experiencing food insecurity.


(800) 916-0954

336 Euclid Ave, Ste. 503
San Diego, Ca 92114