MBC End of Year Giving Campaign



Give Now
Today we start our campaign to invest in the new year.
In 2017, we want to continue building up the infrastructure, to be able to serve more people in better ways. 

This includes creating more usable space at the Hillside building, upgrading cabins to extend their use, improving our recreational spaces at the waterfront and main campus. 

Why? Because our facilities "facilitate" the ministry.
Before the year is up, we'd like to raise $30,000 towards these investments.

When the Town of Jaffrey needed help with their afterschool program, they came to us because we had the facilities to do the job.

*Ashley, who identified as transgendered, came to camp this summer because of the fun recreation we could offer her, but she also came to know Jesus as her Savior!

And thousands more from all over New England have come through our doors for a day, for a weekend, for a week - and been refreshed, challenged, and sharpened for the calling of God on their lives. 

It's our calling to serve. But we need to have the right facilities to meet the needs. We've got some great spaces, but we can use them better with a little investment. 

If you agree, please make an investment in Monadnock Bible Conference today. 

Roy Baldwin
Director, MBC

*name changed