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Hello everyone!

My name is Angelina and I am extremely excited to have been selected to attend a trip to India with Monmouth’s Clinical Mental Health Program, to work with the children residing at One Life to Love.

One Life to Love is an orphanage for special needs children in New Delhi, India. Some of my hobbies and talents include healthy eating, working out and running. With my talents and hobbies, I am putting forward fundraising efforts and with your help, I hope to raise a minimum of $1,500 for the children of One Life to Love.

I will be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on September 16th with the hopes of donations.

Additionally, I am offering healthy and nutritious prepared meals. This will consist of the buying, making and delivering of the food. A menu with set prices will be offered as well as accommodations for both allergy and, or food preferences. Furthermore, a nutrition label will be provided for all meals, including the calorie count and break down of ingredients. Any proceeds will go towards my fundraising efforts for One Life to Love.

I hope you will join me in bringing awareness to Mental Health around the world by donating!

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Thank you!