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For the past twenty years I have been a competitive lifter. I have traveled all throughout the world and had many great experiences, but none compare to what God has in store for me next. Never in my life did I dream that I would have these opportunities and adventures; especially because I had no athletic ability growing up. I was always picked last for sports and was chubby with glasses and a bad haircut.

So many new doors and opportunities have opened recently, and the journey is just beginning.

I have been blessed to partner with Rock Church to move to East Africa. There is a small group of coaches who will be planting ourselves in East Africa to open a Crossfit there. Our desire is to build a supportive community where people from all backgrounds can come together; to grow stronger, be more fit, and just overall give them opportunities to experience hope, peace, joy, health and love. This can also serve to help youth practice discipline, staying out of trouble and have a greater hope for the future.

I’ve spent many long hours in the gym training in preparation for competitions or coaching. I started wondering how that was really helping anyone other than myself! Of course the coaching helped people, but I just felt like I needed to do more.

One day at school a gentleman came to speak to us about opportunities in Africa. He was specifically seeking coaches and people who knew how to coach coaches in the arena of my specialty. I was baffled, excited, and so overwhelmed hearing how God was going to use all of the gifts talents and abilities that He has blessed me with!

I would like to invite YOU to come alongside me in writing this amazing story!

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