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Cisco and I met at a discipleship program at Horizon Christian Fellowship where we each attended and then served on the leadership team together for four years. Then in 2010 we followed God's call to help launch Impact195 at Rock Church. We have both served in leadership roles of mentoring, teaching, discipleship, administration, counseling, & have had the blessing of leading four short term Impact International Trips (IIT's) to Haiti, Nigeria, and Oaxaca (two times).

During our last IIT to Oaxaca, we saw the need for discipleship and salvation through Jesus... In July 2013, we decided to join God in becoming part of the solution through planting life transforming churches in the unreached, unengaged villages.

In June 2014, we will be moving with our two daughters, Serena (16) and Ariel (6 months) to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Currently, we are serving as fulltime Core Team Members at Impact195. Cisco has taught various classes, including 1 John, Romans, Ephesians, Mark, Spiritual Gifts and Evangelism. He also oversees the mentoring dept for the day program and I am involved with mentoring and I am also the registrar for Impact195. We are also preparing ourselves and a team of 8 others to move to Oaxaca Mexico for at least a two year commitment this coming year in 2014.

We recently went on a 4 day retreat with our team where we spent time in the word, worship, fellowship, and fun! Each of us experienced God bringing us closer to one another and to Him. Please continue to pray for our team and us as we prepare to leave in just 5 months!