Deaf Ministry



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Over the years, as we have grown in our individual walks with the Lord, our ministry has become a family - brothers and sisters in Christ. We want to share that with the rest of the Deaf Community here in San Diego and beyond. With your donations we have been able to purchase bibles, sponsor Deaf for conferences and reach out to the Deaf worldwide.

We have been blessed to reach out internationally to countries such as Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, and Saint Lucia with the Rock Church’s Do Something World Campaigns.

We are working on some NEW exciting projects. This fall we hope to provide the interpreted Sunday Services live online and available to watch later. In addition, we are creating Worship songs in ASL to watch on YouTube anytime!

We pray that you will be able to support us in our future ministry as we send out more people from our Deaf Ministry to spread the Gospel & Love of Jesus Christ to Deaf Communities across the world.

Thank you for your generous donations and we will continue to pray for the Deaf Communities together. God bless you!