SDPD Trauma Kits



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Police departments around the country are asking their community leaders for assistance in providing trauma kits. In some cities, the church leaders were the first to respond as a practical and public way of blessing officers serving their communities. Let’s be one of the cities where the Church is taking the lead! We can literally help “protect and serve” those who “protect and serve” us.

Your church could help equip officers serving the same neighborhood you serve - a tangible reminder to them that we serve the same community together. What a simple, yet powerful way to let officers and their families know you want to care and minister to them! If we collaborate as San Diego churches, we can easily provide all the trauma kits SDPD needs and write a more powerful story together!

The Numbers:
700 officers currently serving without a life-saving trauma kit
$65 cost of one life-saving trauma kit
$45,500 total cost of outfitting all SDPD officers in need

SDPD serves more than 120 neighborhoods. There is more than one evangelical church in every one of those neighborhoods. If at least one church per neighborhood chose to collaborate with us on this project, each church would only need to sponsor an average of 5 trauma kits.

How many officers serving your church’s neighborhood would you be willing to bless?
5 officers ($325), 10 officers ($650), 15 officers ($975)

We have a practical way to do something to bless our local law enforcement! Would you join us and other San Diego churches in this project?