Spiritual Wellness Ministry



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Spiritual Wellness ministry offers exercise and wellness education to the women in the church and community. Your monetary support will be 100% devoted toward planting and rooting new stretching and strengthening classes in the areas God leads us into, raising up Christ centered fitness instructors and wellness educators and presenting free wellness workshops for women. We are excited about every opportunity to reach out, share God’s love through being different, and invest in the mission to teach exercise as an alternative to yoga. The truth we speak and the guidance we provide to others is pure, divine and set apart from the world. When you give, we will use the money to grow this ministry to a level God is calling it up to – you are providing the support we need for this calling! God wants His ministry to be excellent, humble and all about HIM, spreading the gospel and encouraging women from all over to seek the rest only found in our Savior, Jesus. Thank you for reading the inspiration behind the asking. We pray you cheerfully receive just as we do! May God find favor in your seeking Him.