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What will John & Tina do in Thailand?
1. Organize a 24-7 Prayer Movement in ChiangRai. (Our prayer and desire is to see the prayer room occupied 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.)
2. Work at a children's home to teach self defense and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
3. Thailand is a location missions organizations and missionaries come for retreats. This will be an ideal place they can come learn SSD (Street Smart Defender) and to receive instructor training to use SSD as a platform for their ministries.
4. Start a BJJ school and outreach program, as a platform for ministry.

John and Tina Koeshall have a passion for reaching the lost and showing the love of Jesus Christ through relationships. They have multiple avenues to help people and to build relationships.
1. One is through teaching a self-defense program that John developed called Street Smart Defender. The class not only teaches a person how to get away from an unwanted attack but boosts the confidence of an individual. The class is taught by John & Tina to families, church groups, women's organizations, victims of abuse, and employees in corporate settings.
2. Another avenue is martial arts and the training John has ....over 35 years of training and teaching.