VOH Building Project



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VOH is all about building a community where people can gather together to learn how to love God and love each other. It is a place that’s open to people no matter what background, age, or race. VOH has been around for 22 years as a predominantly Chinese church in Walnut, CA and our vision is to build up a vibrant, ethnically diverse community that is centered on the Bible, empowered by the Holy Spirit and all about knowing Jesus and making Him known. We’ve recently secured a building directly across the street from our current location that will be dedicated to building up our English ministry.

We want to build a place where our members feel a sense of belonging and ownership. We want to provide a safe, encouraging and supportive place for children and youth to develop good character and healthy identities, for young adults to share life with a sense of purpose, for families to grow grounded in strong values, and for the community to be blessed with a church that gives back.

In the past two decades, many lives have been transformed by what God has been and is still doing in VOH. We want to continue to be a place where lives are changed for the better because we have something bigger than ourselves to live for. We plan to use our facility for Sunday services, academic and sports programs, training seminars, community service and outreach, counseling, recreational activities and small group activities.

Our goal is to move in on December 1, 2013. We have raised $95,000 so far that will cover rent and operations costs for 6 months and the expenses of beginning the renovations. However, we still need $165,000 to complete the renovation process and to cover basic equipment for church functions. We need your help and support! Join us in building our community!